Two cities that I used to stay, and one that
I'm currently living in. I love them all, had great memories there, but I decided to move forward because all the reasons I listed...
San Francisco
San Francisco is the dreamland for
the world smartest ones, living here
in the peaceful but passionate Silicon Valley,
creating the world greatest products.

"This is my journey..."
In 2014, I decided to quit my job
and start over by coming here to
have my MFA in Academy of Art University
located in downtown SF.

Now I'm graduated and equipped with
the proficiency of multiple design applications,
the skills of HTML/CSS hand coding,
and the ability to work in both English and Chinese.

What's next...?
South Beach
Home, Sweet home.

The place I call home is the neighborhood by
AT&T Park, the heart of SF - physically the heart
located to the left side of a humann body -
where is extremely beautiful in the morning
when the sun rises...
The Clouds
The clouds were
in my childhood memories.

I used to head up looking for the clouds
in the blue sky, when I was a little boy. I guess
it's the free, courageous and fearless spirit
that drives me keep moving forward.

And now, the clouds are back. :)
FALL 2014
Folsom Street
LGBT, it all started from here,
and the world famous Castro district.

Folsom Street is the center of
San Francisco's men's leather community
since the mid-1960s.
Graduated in 2002
with my BFA in graphic design,
I still remember the summer when I got
my very first job offer at
The office located at the CBD of Beijing,
SOHO NEW TOWN, 16th floor, Building C.

Had a wonderful time, learned a lot.
The 5 years of experience was unforgetable,
it felt like my second college life.

Then I joined Baidu as a Senior UX Manager,
2 years later I started daxpix studio.
And before I left Beijing, I was the CEO of MOKO,
the company which required my studio.
798 Art District
Everybody knows "798"
when they stay or visit Beijing.
The art district which transformed from
an area of abondaned factories.

798 is located in Wang Jing,
north east of Beijing. It is the one of
the most famouse commercial art districts in China.
Big brands give the events here, artists build galleries,
and live there, starting their own studios,
doing amazing exhibitions and fairs.
Sanlitun is the center of young generations.

Apple opened up the very first China Retail Store
in here. You can also meet the hipsters, fashion people,
and those who love music and arts in Sanlitun.

My 12 years of life in Beijing, I had
a good time and so many good memories here.
The 5 years at Sina,
was like my second college life.

I learned a lot, experienced a lot,
made a lot of good friends and connections.

In the photo was my table in 2005,
you can tell it from the display,
the keyboard and mouse.
It was more organized of my table
at Baidu, than it was at Sina.

Honestly, I had no idea
why did I use a MacBook with
the Windows running on it...
Summer 1985
"I am always trying to find a place
where could be exactly feel the same as
my hometown in the old days."

Yantai was a beautiful and peaceful city
in my childhood memories, our house
was only 2 minutes walk from the sea.
I remembered that I could hear
the sound of waves flowing with the wind
all the wat to the back yard.

In the summer, I used to take a nap
after lunch, in the bamboo chair under
the shadow of the grapevine.

Those golden memories never fade.
Have you seen my childhood?
I'm always close to my mom.

My dad took this photo for us,
after we had dinner by the sea side
in the summer of 1989.
Painting Studio
The most valuable thing in a photo,
is the moment that being captured accidently.

This photo was taken in my college,
Peng and I, we were best friends as
the Black and White in skin color.

This happened when our teacher came in
to the classroom unexpectedly.
My Drawing
One whole week, 7 days, 8 hours a day,
it took me for this drawing.

Think I would never do another shot
like this in my life any more...
The website "DAXCITIES"
was done in a coding class.

We were asked to use Google map APIs
to build a website that contains customized
Maps and locations, personal photos, and captions.

It is not responsive, because I didn't
know about that part back in 2014.

Click the link below
to visit the live website.