Finally, I had my first app on the App Store. It's not quite like what I designed one year ago,
but with some improvements and minor adjustments, I've made it a useful app for specific users.
NOV 2016
New Design
Medical apps are usually
terribly designed.
They need to be changed.

Introducing "bloodsugar",
the easiest way to convert, and track
one's blood sugar everyday.

The new design uses keypad to input numbers
instead of by swiping up and down,
which made the inputs more acurate.
Design Thinking
Color recognition is always preferred
for user interface design.

Green means Everything's ok,
yellow means Please be cautious,
red means NO, NO, NO... You gotta be careful!

The values will simultaneously converted
as you input your current bloodsugar level.
The color also changes with the user's input,
to indicates if your status is ok.

Also, color the easiest way to recognize,
for one's bloodsugar level.
More to Come
"It will be even more beautiful
and simple in the future."

Swiping will not be back
until it works acurately.
And with an "add" button,
you can easily add any value to
the Health Center,
and the database of "bloodsugar".
More to Come
The database of "bloodsugar"
gives you a clear look for each day's
bloodsugar levels.

By swiping left and right to
change the date, up and down
to change the time.
You will get the best feature to collect
and compare your records.

Click on "Launch Website"
to get the access on App Store.