"Accumulating one's strength while waiting for the opportunity, and seize it when it shows up."
2014 - NOW
San Francisco
San Francisco is a dreamland for
the world's smartest ones to live and work here
in the peaceful but passionate dream factory -
Silicon Valley, and design the greatest products.

"This is the journey I needed in my life."
In 2014, I quit my job in Beijing and decided to
come here to start my career all over again by firstly
having a MFA degree in Academy of Art University
located in downtown San Francisco.

It was quite an adventure going back to school
and I graduated in 2017 and equipped with the skills
of a lifetime, and now I'm working full-time again
as a Product Designer in Razer USA.

What's next...?
2002 - 2014
"12 years of climbing up...
but is this where you wanted to go?"

Graduated in 2002 with a BFA in graphic design,
I can still remember the summer when I got the first
job offer in my life at Sina.com, I stood outside the office
located at SOHO NEW TOWN, CBD of Beijing.
I looked at the congrats message from my phone
with sweaty face and rapid heart beat...

...Had a wonderful time, learned a lot.
The 5 years of experience was unforgetable,
it felt like my second-time college life.
Then I joined Baidu as a Senior UX Manager in 2007,
2 years later I quit and started daxpix studio.
Published three photo books with over 20k copies sold,
created interactive experiences with
photos and videos I made by myself.

And before I left Beijing, I was the CEO of MOKO,
the internet platform for artists to collabrate,
the company which required my studio.
1978 - 2002
"I always wanted to find a place to live
where I could feel exactly the same way as I did,
like the sunshine, the smell and the breeze,
of my hometown in the old days."

Yantai was a beautiful and peaceful small city
in my childhood memories, our house was only
two or three minutes walk distance from the sea.
I could hear the sound of the waves
floating along with the wind to the back yard.

I always loved the summer, I used to crash on
the bamboo chair after lunch, under
the shadow of the grapevine,
looking at my brothers and sisters
playing on grass...

Golden memories never fade.