"Keeping a low profile, accumulating one's strength and go for it when chances come." An old saying in China, pretty much the same idea as Steve Job's famous quote "Stay hungry, stay foolish." I believe in it for years and treat it as my personal principle. It helps me make judgments and decisions.
2014 - NOW
San Francisco
"A new journey started from here..."

San Francisco is the dreamland for
the world smartest ones, living here
in the peaceful but passionate Silicon Valley,
creating the world greatest products.
How cool it is in here!

I quit my job in 2014
coming here to start a new life,
having my Master of Fine Arts degree in
downtown SF, Academy of Art University.
Now I'm equipped with the skills of
building up websites and apps by hand coding
from scratch, which were truly big challenges
for a designer like me.
2002 - 2014
"12 years of climbing..."

Graduated in 2002
with my BFA in graphic design,
I still remember the summer when I got
my very first job offer at Sina.com.
The office located at the CBD of Beijing,
SOHO NEW TOWN, 16th floor, Building C.
I had a great great time, learned a lot.
the 5 years experience was unforgetable,
it was like my second college life.

Then I joined Baidu as a Senior UX Manager,
2 years later I quit and started daxpix studio.
Before I left Beijing, I was the CEO of MOKO,
the company that required my studio.
1978 - 2002
"I am always trying to find a place
where could be exactly looked the same as
my hometown in the old days."

Yantai was a beautiful and peaceful city
in my childhood memories, my home
was only 2 minutes walk from the sea.
I remembered that I could hear
the sound of waves flowing with the wind
to the back yard.

In the summer, I used to take a nap
after lunch, in the bamboo chair under
the shadow of the grapevine.
Those golden memories never fade.