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Ideas worth being responsive

with photos, videos, and more.

With 17 years of experience as a Graphic, UI / UX Designer in Beijing and San Francisco, DAX has gained a considerable amount of experience from desktop to mobile.
Launched in 2009, daxpix studio had successfully published three photo books in Asia. DAX celebrates his passion behind both traditional and digital publishing.
Videos can be responsive. By integrating videography with interaction design schemas, DAX elevates the interactive experience to a whole new level.
A re-design of AMC Theatres App. Created with the motivation and love as a huge movie fan, discovered and fixed the listing issues as both a movie goer (user) and a product designer.
Selected works of daxpix's published / unpublished photo magazines. Digital versions are available online for interactive experiences.
A heartbreaking music video based on the true story happened to a friend of Michel. Ric filmed all the footage in Iceland, and worked with me finished the editing in Shanghai.